The Untold Story Behind Maggi

Register for Sangeeta's riveting webinar on the journey that Maggi took from concept to launch. As one of India's most iconic and loved food brands, the story behind Maggi holds many valuable lessons for branding, marketing and business managers.

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Branding & Marketing guidance for leaders

Based on her experiences building iconic brands like Maggi and Tata Tea, Sangeeta has set up a 2-hour speaker session on the strategies and importance of branding for mid to senior level leaders in corporates.

Whether you're looking at pivoting a business, building a brand in a new category, or reigniting consumer interest in a saturated market - the sessions can help inspire new thinking.

During this session Sangeeta talks you through anecdotes and experiences from her own career that helped her think outside the box.

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Synopsis of The Two-Minute Revolution

Unlike usual business books, The Two-Minute Revolution provokes you to think big-about innovation as well as excellence in on-the-ground execution.

Authored by Sangeeta Talwar, the first woman executive in the FMCG industry, the book is listed among the "Most Memorable" Business Books on Amazon 2018.

Sangeeta established one of the most beloved and enduring brands of India-Maggi Noodles-shares creative and strategic lessons which can help you grow and add value to your business.

Drawing from decades of first-hand experience in Nestle, Tata Tea and Mattel, she prescribes a plan of action that includes tactics such as keeping all the balls in the air, executing to perfection, being consumer obsessed and pivoting on profitability.

Insightful and packed with fascinating examples-from creating and launching Maggi Noodles to spearheading the highly effective Jaago Re campaign for Tata Tea-this book suggests tried and trusted strategies for building extraordinary brands.

For Leaders: Learn about Flyvision, leadership, strategic focus and excellence in execution. Ensure you are not just leading teams but helping them unleash their true potential.

For Entrepreneurs: All big brands started somewhere small. Experience the trials and tribulations of building iconic brands like Maggi and Tata Tea.

For Managers: Branding & Marketing are essential from day 1 for any business. Learn about how out-of-the-box thinking helped build iconic brands from scratch.

Buy a copy at leading bookstores in India or order online on Amazon.