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At Flyvision Consulting we believe that organisations need to take a strategic view of the business they are in. A strategic view can be likened to an almost 360-degree vision of a housefly i.e. the ability to see things all around you and use this knowledge to build agility and speed that makes it difficult to be swat.

Not being swat-able means your business will survive the ups and downs of economic cycles, aggressive competitive onslaughts, changing consumer preferences and technology changes.

A timely ‘brand refresh’ allows organizations to reinvent themselves and continue to remain a considered choice for ever changing consumers.



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Sangeeta Talwar’s out-of-the-box thinking has built legendary Indian brands.

She has helped to craft, create and launch the Maggi brand in India right from its inception to its establishment.

She led the team that dreamt and brought to life ‘Jaago Re’- India’s first and most successful social marketing campaign. It epitomizes lateral thinking and demonstrates how brands can establish a role in the consumer’s life that go well beyond being transactional.

Through her pioneering work in creating farmer equity based milk producer companies, Sangeeta Talwar has developed a keen understanding of village society and the growing rural economy.

Winner of the ‘Top 25 Business Women in India’ award for three years, Sangeeta Talwar has left an indelible mark in Indian business.

She is a frequent speaker at leadership events and is the member of a number of prestigious corporate boards.

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