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July 2, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 2092 The Devil Lies in The Detail

From the Land of Dragons

In a recent news report china’s exports to India were pegged at $ 60 billion far in excess of what India exports to China. In my travels in UP last month I was surprised to find some rather nondescript items which are obviously part of this list.

In the mofussil markets I saw open mouthed sacks of small dry bits. After the guessing game to try and figure what these might be was over, I asked and was amazed to discover that these were Chinese Papads made from potato & rice flour. Kudos to the entrepreneurial Chinese who brought shape, colour and innovation to bulk indian papads – small twisted noddle like strands, flat oblong discs and others.

How deep and wide is the invasion from the land of the dragons!


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