August 8, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1794 The Devil Lies in The Detail

How sensitive are you to a situation?

It is common these days to see most heads bent over the little wonder of the world-the mobile phone. As a result I think we are becoming less and less social and much less sensitive to the situation around us!

Just as you decided you need this wonderful head massage so you can really let your hair down on a saturday afternoon, the chair next to you is occupied by someone organising their home through the mobile, so a steady animated chatter fills your ears with no respite. In fact if your eyes are shut you can almost remember the conversation backwards.

Similarly the other day on a late night business flight I thought maybe a few moments of rest are warranted at the end of a long day. Much to my dismay, a full scale business meeting with detailed investment plans was being held at 30,000 feet just a few rows behind me.

Sometimes its good to be a little considerate…..perhaps

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