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How to be a Good Leader

A Good Leader is responsible for the efficient use of their team’s time?

Surprising as it may seem, if you want to be considered a Good Leader  you have to hold yourself responsible not only for your own time but for ensuring that you use your Team’s time well!

For example can you make a commitment today that you will run all meetings efficiently?

There are several kinds of meetings: Long term ones for Budgets & Strategy, periodic ones for reviewing achievements on projects, weekly or daily countdown meetings up to a launch, Monday review meetings, Month-end performance review meetings and information dissemination & department meetings.

Technically one could spend a substantial part of one’s day in the office in meetings, which leaves all of the email still unread in the in-box, all the unattended phone calls and a lot of frustration at 6.30 pm in the evening. Consequences: you end up working late every day, the family suffers and cribs a little, your health takes a beating and maybe even your close relationships suffer the stress of your long and complete Absence! Work life complete imbalance!Be a Good Leader and save your team from this.

Here are a few tips for making meetings more efficient and making you a Good Leader

Plan it diligently: Before calling for a meeting think clearly and put down the following:

  • objective of the meeting,
  • who all should attend (execution guys, decision makers, stakeholders)
  • what are the most important aspects that need discussion,
  • what is the net outcome of the meeting that you as the leader are most keen to see?

Once you have this captured, e-mail this as part of the e mail calling for the meeting. Point out areas you may want special focus on so the people attending this can prepare appropriately. If the information you seek will be similar but from different units / functions/departments, put out a short format so you don’t waste everyone’s time trying to make sense of similar data presented in bizarrely different ways! Put out some pre-read if required.

Be on time: it is a terrible beginning to start late because everyone gets the impression that the organization does not place any value on time. So it is important to be ON TIME, even as the boss it is not a bad thing to be the first in the room. This gives the message that the meeting is important for you and other people’s time is as important to you as your own. A sign of humility and caring! And the makings of a Good Leader

Begin the meeting as you have planned, keeping a track of time spent on each agenda item. If you have a democratic, inclusive style, your meetings will take time because you will encourage contribution around the table and listen to each person patiently. This also helps to build your image as a boss because people usually like to express their views on aspects of the business they are keenly working on and appreciate a boss who listens in. It enhances their engagement and the sense of self-worth

Keep a record of action/decision points.Often at the beginning of a meeting, the quorum would pick one member to do this job. It may seem trivial at first but believe me it is hugely empowering to be able to quickly review what was agreed for action in the last meeting and assess the progress that has been made with respect to action taken and issues closed, basis such a record. It will not only make you feel more in control of the important aspects of your assignment but also give you and your team a lot of confidence.

After the meeting is over it is a good discipline to get the key action/decision points with closure timelines quickly circulated to the participants.

Some of the shorter meetings can even be just as Stand up meetings~5 to 10 minutes duration, all gathering in the leader’s room for example.

It is a good idea to connect with the team often even if it is just to say a quick hello or a short coffee moment together. In an increasingly digitized world several people feel a sense of disconnection without regular contact & connect with the team. It is a good way to build a sense of belonging, engagement & team spirit and perhaps build you as a Good Leader. It also gives you a chance to Walk the Talk

8th August 2015

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