Tray of food on the plane.

June 1, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1758 The Devil Lies in The Detail

Hygiene in serving food

Several food catering companies I am sure go through a lot of rigour to ensure food is prepared hygienically and then packed equally hygienically. What I often wonder about is how it is served and whether that is being done with equal emphasis on hygiene.

For example on a flight I don’t know and would love to find out whether the flight staff actually wash their hands before they serve. On most airlines you will find the cabin crew is very helpful as you enter the plane, directing you to your seats, putting your bags away, hanging up your jacket etc.

Just after they unstrap themselves when the seat belt signs go off, they are occupied with heating your breakfast trays, pouring out the juices or making a hot tea or coffee. What is their protocol for hygiene while serving the breakfast they have at pains to prepare? Do they wash their hands, do they wear sanitized throw away gloves?

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