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Vistara Brand

Vistara In flight information




The Brand promise

“Seamless flying experience thoughtfully delivered” Was it ?Last month as I flew comfortably seated in the Vistara business section on a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, several aspects of the brand struck me.

Brand architecture

The Logo needs to stand out more. The brand logo comes from an eight pointed star drawn from an ancient symbol (Yantra). A great idea! With such a strong thought & symbol, the Vistara logo with gold yellow on burgundy should have had real stand out value but it appears bleak. Sometimes it appears just as a line version. For reference I have attached some colourful versions of yantra symbols albeit a little overdone.




Yantra symbol 1
Vistara Logo

If you want to establish a logo in the consumer’s mind you try not to play with it or dilute it in any way. The

back of the Menu card does exactly that, placing the Yantra symbol pink & yellowlogo on top of several other concentric renditions of stars.
If the idea was to be quiet, maybe the logo has gone too quiet. It can be impressive without shouting! Also being so quiet, is the intention not to attract the thirty plus age group of fliers.

Crew Attire

I felt the cabin crew looked quite comfortable in their attire unlike my early experiences with Kingfisher (self-conscious girls in short red mini-skirts on heels). I ventured to say to 2 of them “you must be liking your dress”. I was surprised by the answer from both the hostesses. No we don’t really like it because “the colours are so bland and boring” and that is how the younger age group responds to colour.

Brands need to target relevant differentiation

The meal looked appetizing so without any delay I tucked into it and stopped about halfway. Guess why. Because the sauce topping of the salmon was insufficient for the quantity of salmon! But serving Salmon was a great idea and not common on other full service airlines.
I must mention that the salad had “Boccocini” which is rarely found, sold or served in India. What is better known is another version, Mozzarella-even that is a little esoteric !

Someone was trying to outdo themselves in surprising the consumer not necessarily delighting them.

My neighbours (co passenger and one row behind) had ordered Prawn and Vegetarian Couscous Biryani, one was attracted by the prawn the other wanted a veg meal.
Both seemed very disappointed with the couscous biryani (a form of semolina). The fact of the matter was they were not used to eating semolina for a meal!
Just to give you a brief description of these 2 gentlemen-one took this flight twice a week (and in business class) and the other headed a large oil company and was based in London. I guess clientele that Vistara business section would be happy to serve.
What bothered me was why was someone looking for irrelevant and forced ways to differentiate themselves? (When Kingfisher stopped I knew I would miss their First class meal service-delectable food, served with a certain class! Unfortunately Vistara has left this space still wide open).
Maybe they could create awesome tasting food that is servable on a flight with the help of the multitude of great chefs from their hotel business. But they must serve food that passengers will be delighted to eat as we used to be with Kingfisher!

Meal Tray business section
Vistara Menu card
Digital Logo

You’ll be amazed if I tell you that all their images in the digital medium (mobile phone downloads) are still Low Resolution!!

Website for bookings

Our niece recently came in from Canada. She spent two days trying to log into the Vistara site to book herself some tickets for travel within India. She eventually gave up and booked through another airline. Losing business to say the least!

Closing comments

Often brands don’t realize the importance of being consumer-centric in everything they do and always. Its the only way Brands can build long term value for the business.

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